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Rockin' with da Samurai...
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4th-Jun-2009 05:36 am - Books
I bought Sims 3 on a whim late late tuesday and by late I mean 9pm or so, I'm a hype sucker I admit, buying the same game for the third time. I mean it's a fun game and it does get upgraded and all but it is still 50 bucks for the SAME GAME that I already bought twice, actually three times as I had a PC copy of Sims 2 and had the urge to play it on my mac laptop. (total aside I've lost my copy of WC3 and if someone wants to shaaaaare, I've got the damn CD case but no CD)

In anycase I bought and installed the new sims, with the typical excitement that comes with any new shiny thing that promises to be fun and new buuuut with a half hour install time I found myself annoying people on AIM, web browsing and being generally bored in the wait, and having started late most my friends went to bed and there went that distraction... and all my recent web addictions hadn't updated and well... I ended up bored staring at an install bar, followed by an update bar... aaaaand started wandering around looking for something to do.

Mind you I have massive stacks of DVDs, three game consoles, TV, ... wait 4 consoles counting my lovely DS and at the moment a few yarn centric craft projects. I also have quite a few books, not as many as I used to. There was at least an eight or ten year period I read a novel a week in addition to any how to or educational books I happened to have on my literary plate, and until I moved to the boonies known as Tehachapi, these were for the most part library books and therefore FREE. (KERN COUNTY YOUR LIBRARIES SUCK) In anycase, college hit and I started to get burnt out on literature... I do blame a certain english teacher that assigned only Hemingway short stories. I mean really ONLY Hemingway? Could we be more tedious in an entire semester of english only Hemingway and an essay on whatever of his stories we had assigned that week... okay anyway long digression there, but this is livejournal so I'm allowed to ramble on and on and on.

So books, what does this have to do with the sims? Weeeell being the conservative boring step by step learning curve type person I am, I started with one very well rounded and boring sim, who for the most part was more than capable of choosing her own actions well and even what I did assign quickly became a queue that left me with little to do but watch the sim sleep and other thrilling things. I decided to look for a book to read while I monitored my sims progress. Books are entertaining, easy to look away from for a moment and portable. I love books, really. I've finally started going back to novels as entertainment, although I find myself buying books I would have liked perhaps six years ago and just... well can't seem to get into them now. Anyway, I'd finished this three book fantasy thing I found while reading reviews of trashy romance novels on amazon... trashy romance novel searches on amazon are rather disappointing, to me anyway, they're either not trashy enough to satisfy the whole point of buying a trashy romance novel or actual good stories... I mean, what's with this good stories in the romance section thing? Off hand I was looking at the romance novels since they had never been my genre of novel and as my old standbys weren't holding my attention I was cruising the reviews looking for something that promised to be entertaining and not something I would have read six years ago. I honestly don't think I've gotten around to actually reading a trashy romance yet... huh, it's on my to do list. Questionable vampire novels people have given me aside, none of them quite hit that level of hmm I dunno... okay okay no more on the romance novel search that I made months ago.

Uh what the hell was I on abou... oh yeah so I love the movie jurassic park (yes this is relevant it'll all wrap together in an unexciting conclusion I promise) and I think maybe august of last year I was at my aunt's house and saw this yellowed cover-less copy of the book with 'Jurassic Park' written on the stripped binding. So I grab the eighteen year old book well I guess it's nineteen now... I guess I'd feel older if I wasn't five when it was published... uh okay holy crap I'm some kind of adult moment over. In anycase it's been sitting on my kitchen table for nearly a year and having finished the very likable fantasy set a couple weeks ago I grabbed it to read while monitoring my sim of dull. I've been very cautious about the whole Michael Crichton thing, for one thing knowing how bogged down in science his books tend to be for the most part and the mass of movies based on his books that... well aside from jurassic park, I found dull or in the case of congo gave me weird dreams, I think I watched congo three times and it gave me weird gorilla dreams everytime and they lingered... although I guess I've had more than a few weird jurassic park inspired dinosaur dreams... uh, okay lets ignore congo for a while, I hated andromeda strain. In anycase, I am very fond of jurassic park and have always dreaded the prospect that I'd start reading the book and not care for it or be bored senseless or have this weird confusing and less satisfying than the movie feeling like I did with 'do androids dream of electric sheep' weird book... mind you the whole social and psychological concepts are the same but the book gave me a bad retro sci-fi taste, and the film is such a wonderful piece of cinema visually and conceptually... there's a reason you see the film around but not the book is all I'm saying. I reaaaally didn't want reading jurassic park to be... um, unfortunate, so I've put it off for... years and years. God the whole books not up to expectation thing makes me remember the pain the was reading clan of the cavebear hoping it would end and then... like a thousand pages later the feaking book isn't over, and I hadn't really enjoyed getting to that end to only find it drops the story off a cliff for the next one... do you know how LONG that woman takes between books and how LONG those books are? uh okay okay okay... I'm trying to keep the rants short, really.

Jurassic park though, I read basically straight through about 10 or 11 tuesday night to around noon wednesday... who the hell is calling me at 6am, and I lost my train of... oh yeah 400 pages of bliss I tell you. I honestly am tempted to read it again, and I can't say that's something I do. It's got me thinking though about ... books (OMG I'm getting to my point) Particularly as I spent fifty bucks on a video game then spent most of my time 'playing it' reading a book I got effectively for free, could have I'm sure found at the library for free, bought it used for maybe 50 cents or a buck, not that you can find used book store much anymore, bought it new for about eight bucks, and it probably sold for around five dollars seeing as the printing says '93... wait holy crap 35th printing in three years? That's kind of nuts. In anycase I'm surrounded by purchased entertainment, video games running from 20 some bucks to around 50, plus the electronics, the DVDs the computer the TV the mountains of stuff I've spent money on and do generally enjoy but... thirty dollars for a dvd you watch 2 hours once in a while almost a hundred bucks a month for tv and internet, video games at least have the potential to be a lot of entertaining time, and really cost wise... coooould get close to books for cost/time with RPGs that take 50 or so hours to complete or if you're someone that likes multiplayer shooters, I suppose MMOs it depends, but the games that get enough hours of play to come close to what so many books. A novel is going to take between, I'd guess 12 and 20 hours to read depending on length and how fast you read, and at about 8 bucks or free if you've got a decent library around, and that's pretty much every book you read, compared to a considerably fewer number of games that you'd put enough time into to actually near the value for entertainment. I'd also hold that books are generally better entertainment than most games or movies. Books are also portable and don't need electricity or whatnot... let's see what am I getting at here. I was going to go into how how to books, art books, educational books and other kind of book is wonderful but I don't think I really need to extend the rant.

Basically I'm getting at the fact that books are the most wonderful things on the face of the earth... best entertainment, cheap, don't need electricity, can take them pretty much everywhere and I'm reminded of this because I went out of my way on a whim to go and spend fifty bucks on a game that I mostly ignored in favor of reading a book I picked up for free and enjoyed a great deal more.

I'm not saying Sims 3 isn't a good game or isn't fun but... well, Jurassic park is so much better, a shiny new high end video game and I get so much more joy out of some old yellow beaten up book... I do keep feeling lately that just trashing all the tech stuff around me wouldn't be a bad idea.
2nd-Jun-2009 03:18 am - Ever want something so obscure?
So I heard these armenian folk singers on youtube and was like... they're awesome, so I look for an album and it's out of print and only from 2006 and like they've changed labels and everything and I'm going ARGH! I really enjoyed that and while it's not majorly my thing I'd like having the album. So I look around, try to find a torrent blah blah... and in the end I give up and go to the amazon request thing. You see they have an option that if there's something not listed they'll put it up and if a seller sees it and has the item within X amount of time they'll send it to you automatically.

Needless to say some CD outlet near LA had it and I get home one night and it's like... holy crap, I'm getting an out of print armenian folk CD that no one has for sale with this random long shot I took...

What's the point of this? Well aside from me randomly having a really random CD, I guess it's that the little request thing on Amazon works a great deal better than the one on Ebay... oh and that I think armenian folk music is fun, but that's true of most folk music isn't it?

*** on another japanese knitting and crochet books are soooooooo cute and fully charted! Although I noticed kinokuniya is charging a higher increase on the original price in yen than they used to, I mean seven bucks? I could ship it myself for less, it's a BOOK and not a very big one at that.
28th-May-2009 03:50 am - Knitting
So... I've been knitting. Maybe not the best choice in hobby as it does wake up my hand pain after a while buuuut for that matter so does using the computer and playing WoW and all that after a while... It's called moderation I suppose. If you're wondering about console games... no the controllers do not aggravate even after hours better ergonomics I suppose well that and a lack of any wrist tension to speak of. I do think I've lost some reaction time and flexibility in my hands in general sooooo you could probably kill me easily in fighters and what not anymore... but back to the knitting thought.

Well knitting and yarn in general, I suppose. I do think I'll keep with the craft, despite having to set it down moderately frequently due to being easily distracted by shinier things and pain, mind you it takes HOURS for the pain issue to kick in. I'm thinking besides being creative, highly portable, and cuddly as hobbies go, it's also a good stress filter. If you know me well and I do assume a few of you do, I have a very very VERY hard time filtering out things that annoy me, particularly with people. It's not that I have any desire to be anti-social it's more that I have no desire to want to kill friends and family or break things or generally be an ass. I am AWARE that once you've done enough things that hit my little pet peeve buttons I become more than a little mean and difficult to be around. Buuuuuut with knitting my tolerance of most things in general goes up greatly... Basically I'm saying it's fuzzy and interesting and keeps me from being annoyed all in all a good thing.

I have also picked up crochet kind of... I've been thus far too lazy to count the crochet stitches closely so the more exacting projects I think will be knitted for the moment... I think, although I guess technically I've finished more stuff in crochet and really do seem to crochet faster in general. Meh, either way it lets me buy cute fuzzy colored things and make them into other cute fuzzy colored things.
25th-Apr-2009 04:23 pm - Weeeeeeeeeee.....
So I spent this morning updating my resume and realizing I'm missing some information I really should have for it... yeaaaah

I'm not sure how I want to schedule things but I know I want to be working more and on my ass less, good goal, though I'm being slow getting there.

Still taking classes they never end, very hit and miss but, whatever.

Holy crap I'm knitting thingys, also learning to crochet... Weeee I have insane plans and lack the skills so here goes! Maybe I should dive in and try something bigger than a scarf and a disk cloth or other simple things. I dunno my living room floor is a mess of random crafty stuff.

Uuuhhhhh oh I've been kinda on a hey I've been ignoring friends I luuuv so I should talk to them kick. So if you get a random not or poke from me I looooves you, and if you don't I still loves you and have probably lost your contact info T-T so give me a poke.

If I can find the cable for my camera maybe I'll take pictures of my insane craft-ness!
22nd-Jan-2009 04:07 pm - Need a yardsale >.
360 desu
Man I should really sell some crap on Ebay, but my camera's meh and I really hate going to the post office... but it is money. I shall ponder more.
16th-Jan-2009 04:21 pm - Okay I'm a little embarassed but...
Yeah I've kinda mentioned losing weight and not said details buuuuut you're all friends or total strangers and honestly fat and what you look like aren't the same thing and most of you have seen me and seen me at my heaviest whiiiiiiich was: 235 pounds *cries* god that's depressing. Which I hit a couple years ago when I was being depressed in Indiana.

So I moved back to CA, got a nice one room apartment and started classes again which is meh going okay, worked off and on (haha birdfood store yeah) bought a scale and stepped on it and went holy crap. So I looked into some weight loss program things and here's one of the thing I haven't told anyone not related to me yet >_> went to Jenny Craig. So like... yeah I signed up and set a goal for 135 pounds, no really I did cuz screw 20 pounds we're going for the big numbers 100 pounds go!

Anyway Jenny Craig worked great, I don't cook really it's easy to follow and it really helps knowing you're going to have someone weight you in at the end of the week so the even if you do go out for pizza or something it's still on your mind that uh I need to lose one or two pounds this week or at least not gain weight. By this Thanksgiving I had lost 54 pounds (been on the diet a whiiiiile) and kinda with the holidays and taking a trip east and all that stopped going into the JC office, but still trying to keep track of my portions and stuff.

Anyway, now, I've lost a total of 65 pounds. Oh yes indeed SIXTY FIVE. Mind you at some point I had to gain 65 pounds which is kinda depressing. Anyway I'm hovering around 170 right now and so that's 35 left *girlish squee* FYI that's like the exact middle 'correct weight' for my height.

So like there, that's one of the things I've been doing and haven't talked much about maybe I'll talk about classes or something next time.

but like zomg 65 pounds... anyway yeah...
10th-Jan-2009 11:58 am - Winterz
So I spent christmas with Aaron outside chicago. Froze my ass off but had a great time all in all. Uuuuh I did ask him to send me the pictures which he hasn't yet -_-... which I'm kinda not happy about guess I've got to ask, again. Um uh ... yeah...
1st-Dec-2008 06:46 am - Colors!!!
Your rainbow is shaded brown and red.


What is says about you: You are a deep thinking person. You appreciate energetic people. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Hahaha anyone watch Blush? Makeup artist contest their queeny-ness makes me giggle, I loves me artsy people with issues XD
25th-Nov-2008 07:41 am - Stupid Thanksgiving >.
Love turkey... holiday not so much. The last few thanksgivings have been exceptionally bad, mind you aside from tasty food they've never been all THAT special and generally a showcase for the strange dates my cousins would bring O.o I mean... wow some of them have been creeeeeepy. Speaking of dates to family holiday event things... I get to be 'the girlfriend' at christmas this year cuz like... I should go... stupid cold chicago... I am going... I'm gunna freeeeeeeze >.<

Yeah some of you are gunna ask about the BF aren't you >.> *cough* Candice *cough* only took me like 4 months to admit he existed to people... but like... I'm private like that ... I got enough dots here? lets add more... ... ... ... Anyway, February ---> Now like uh... yeah... stuff, I'm such a stiff about these things... like uh... generally good... yeah... hopefully long term... yeah... like... I'm gunna hide back in my emotion closet again.

Oh total side not a while back I decided I was gunna lose the weight I gained and damn, when I bought a scale, let's just say it was more gained than I had thought T-T buuuuuuut, I've lost a lot of it ^-^ yay! and hope to get to that scary I'm almost never at that weight 'recommended for my height' weight I'm not gunna post straight numbers but, I lost a lot >.> like more than 3 pants sizes a lot >.< sad thing is I'm still pudgy... oh well like Xpounds left (haha I bet you thought I'd tell you!) no honestly I don't really care that much if people know numbers I just don't want the whole 'YOU WEIGHED HOW MUCH?!' reactions at the moment.
14th-Oct-2008 12:20 am - I live
I do really... wow it's been a while LJ... it has indeed

Since at least before ... uh what February since I even read my friends pages?

I guess I'm done being anti-social for a while...
gee, gain boy-friend + have bad fight with him = OMG I miss my 'normal' friends of all kinds (we know you're all not normal but whatever) who knew right?

But like, it's not healthy to isolate and sulk and be anti-social blah blah blah... righto...

Just in time to get set for Halloween!

Yeah I dunno what to write, just now getting back into using the internet for not work, or warcraft... uh... I don't know... Moo~
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